Kim Donnelly (aka Boss Lady)

Passion: Cycling! I'm a roadie through and thru'n thru.

CYKL Music: A mixed bag, deep house, electronica and of course rock!





Krista Colangelo (Destroyer)- in the nicest sense of the term, both a TRX specialist and CYKL instructor

Passion: Mountain Biking and bowling.

Favourite Class: Intervals and Hills

CYKL Music: Indie alternative – whatever moves your a** up that hill as long as its fresh and new… You won’t find any Gaga on my watch!











Favorite Class: Hills - long, short, steep, or winding!

CYKL Music: electronic, classic house, and a little top 40, maybe some classic rock, and disco! Depends on the day.


Elke or Doc as we like to refer to her,  is our resident Chiropractor and Kick-Ass instructor.  She will motivate you and make you push your limits each and every class.

Come and see her on Wed at 6:00pm and Fri at 12:15!

Ashleigh (Ash) Thursday 6:15 Top40!  Current of course but watch out for her famous Top40 throwbacks!

Kelsey Riedl aka Kels

Favourite Class: Long flat roads and heavy tough intervals.

CYKL Class: I like it all! Indie remixes, 90's, extended remixes for my flat roads, and of course some top 40



Get your sweat on with Diana Tues mornings 6:45am and Saturdays at 12:00!

Brooke will push you to your limits!!  She is off on Mat leave but will be back in the saddle after that!

Amy - TRX and CYKL specialist!  Catch her Fri at 5:00 and 6:00 and Saturdays at 8:00 and 9:00!

Heather (our little earky bird) you can catch Heather at 6:45 am Wed and Thurs!  What a way to start the day!