Kim Donnelly (aka Boss Lady)

Passion: Cycling! I'm a roadie through and thru'n thru.

CYKL Music: A mixed bag, deep house, electronica and of course rock!





Krista Colangelo (Destroyer)- in the nicest sense of the term, both a TRX specialist and CYKL instructor

Passion: Mountain Biking and bowling.

Favourite Class: Intervals and Hills

CYKL Music: Indie alternative – whatever moves your a** up that hill as long as its fresh and new… You won’t find any Gaga on my watch!











Favorite Class: Hills - long, short, steep, or winding!

CYKL Music: electronic, classic house, and a little top 40, maybe some classic rock, and disco! Depends on the day.


Elke or Doc as we like to refer to her,  is our resident Chiropractor and Kick-Ass instructor.  She will motivate you and make you push your limits each and every class.

Come and see her on Wed at 6:00pm and Fri at 12:15!

Ashleigh (Ash) Thursday 6:15 Top40!  Current of course but watch out for her famous Top40 throwbacks!

Kelsey Riedl aka Kels

Favourite Class: Long flat roads and heavy tough intervals.

CYKL Class: I like it all! Indie remixes, 90's, extended remixes for my flat roads, and of course some top 40



Get your sweat on with Diana Tues mornings 6:45am and Saturdays at 12:00!

Amy - TRX and CYKL specialist!  Catch her Fri at 5:00 and 6:00 and Saturdays at 8:00 and 9:00!

Need a mid day pick me up? Come check out Darielle's class at 12:15 Wed, she will get you over that mid week hump!

Introducing Reuben....his classes are challenging but you will forget all about the pain because his tunes are killer!  Check him out Thurs evenings at 7:30pm